HSBC Bank: Cayman Islands


Designed to meet the highest standards of hurricane resistance while providing this world renowned bank with an image that can only be found in the Cayman Islands, the HSBC Caribbean Headquarters Building on West Bay Road Grand Cayman, is a unique adaptation of modern aesthetic with a dash of traditional architecture thrown in.
This 30,000sqft building profiles a powerful cantilevered canopy which is an homage to traditional roof overhangs and the granite verandah all tied together with the metallic blue walls is a welcomed landmark in Cayman’s Financial Industry, the quality of the exterior only rivaled by the stunningly beautiful interior.
The building was designed by Cindy O’Hara while Managing Director of OBM, and since Design Cayman have been engaged by the owner to provide further architectural services including the complementary renovation of the adjoining Baytown Plaza a 14,000 sq ft shopping plaza.

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