Jamaica Great House, Grand Cayman


Work in progress.

This Jamaican Great House follows the grand tradition of these Caribbean houses with large shaded under crofts, shaded decks, natural ventilation, and loggias with strong interior to exterior links.
The impressive 10,000 sq ft canal side private family home has been designed by Design Cayman Architects, from the very outset, with the owner’s strong visions in mind. From large outdoor fish tanks and waterfalls & orchid garden with nursery, to large entertainment decks and a viewing tower for those long afternoons with their favorite rum. The family’s principals of hospitality and friendship reflect in the expansive entertainment areas with outdoor kitchen dining and lounge linking with a generous lap pool and dock.
Throughout the construction phase of this project we have regularly visited site to record progress and maintain a familiarity with the week to week progress as the build races towards completion.

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