Luxury Estate - Turks & Caicos


Residential Two acre private family estate, consisting of a 5000 sq ft luxury residence with expansive pool and lanai, 1000 sq ft guest cottage and a two-bedroom town house all perched on an 80 foot elevated bluff in Turks and Caicos.

The pod layout took full advantage of the natural breeze and spectacular 180-degree views. Brian Macdonald when he was Managing Director with OBM helped put to paper the design of Micah Owen, concept designer and owner/builder of the project (Norstar Group , Ltd.-Turks and Caicos Islands Mr. Macdonald was able to take the design concept to paper and offer advice for improvement.

The lanai led to the natural decision to lay solar panels to heat the hot water needs of the residence and the attic keep cool and ventilated via solar vents. Rainwater was stored in a large underground tank, and used for irrigation. Many of the materials choices are easily renewed and the overall approach taken by the family was one of sustainability and energy efficiency.

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