Architect led Design/Manage/Build

Traditionally, an owner hires an architect to draw a building and then a contractor to oversee the subcontractors that will build the building. Architect-Led Design-Build gives a client single-source responsibility for the design, construction, and commissioning of buildings.

1. Alignment, Accountability, Value

When challenges are encountered on a project (and there are always challenges), pointing fingers is not an option, everyone rolls up their sleeves and focusses on solutions. When the same group that designs the project also builds the project, there is also, naturally, additional attention given to pricing and scheduling in the design phase.

2. Guidance and Continuity

Design Cayman is a beacon to clients throughout the process, guiding the way to the best possible outcome. We refine a system from beginning to end that manages the chaos into orderly steps. We are with you from start to finish, so also adding inherent efficiency.

3. Expertise across Architecture and Building

There is a tremendous advantage to working with an integrated team of Architects who can think like Builders and Builders who can think like Architects.

4. Client Collaboration and Involvement 

By having the client involved, we are guaranteeing that you’ll get the outcome  and satisfaction of their goals. The client also retains total control over the project, the role of our team is to be there to empower you.

5. Open Communication supports timely Projects:

Architect Led Design-build has transparent and open communication at its heart, ensuring that clients understand the process and to know what’s going on at all times. This also creates opportunities for clients to both take time and move effectively with decisions, questions, and when considering options.

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