Design Cayman believes in incorporating proven sustainable design methods from concept design to construction working within a given budget and using the most current options available.

Design Cayman can provide an integrated sustainable design solution that takes advantage of the wind, sunlight, topography, and views that a site has to offer. Envisioning a project in this multi-faceted manner enables us to analyze and reveal the most sustainable solutions within a given budget.

We incorporate the principles of sustainable design and energy efficiency into all our projects, including the choice of materials from an ongoing maintenance and operations viewpoint. The result is an optimal balance of cost, practicality, and well-being, all the while meeting the aesthetic and functional vision and needs of the new home oroffice building.

We have always focused on sustainable design, so always stay current with industry trends as more and more options emerge that can be incorporated into each design and budget. Current examples include: recycled building materials, on-site power generation and battery storage (such as solar panels, ground-source heat pumps and wind power), rainwater harvesting for toilet flushing or irrigation, waste water treatment plants for grey water processing, green roofs that control storm-water run-off and on-site waste.

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