At Design (Cayman) Limited we wholeheartedly believe that incorporating proven sustainable design methods is practical, requires less maintenance and saves money.

What is sustainable design?

Sustainable design is the art of designing physical objects and the built environment to comply with economic, social and ecological sustainability. It is also referred to as “green design”, “eco-design”, “high-performance design”, or “environmentally responsible design”.

What is sustainable architecture?

Design (Cayman) takes advantage of opportunities such as wind, sunlight and views that a particular site has to offer. Proper orientation and an effectively designed building envelope (walls, windows, roof, insulation, etc.) greatly affect the efficiency of HVAC systems, artificial lighting and alternative energy such as solar panels or wind turbines.

We believe in utilizing materials that are long lasting while providing the basis for efficiency and energy resource conservation.

In order to derive the greatest benefit from a social, economic, and environmental standpoint, a building must be designed holistically using an integrated design process that looks at all elements of a building, including site, water use, energy use, material use, and the indoor environment simultaneously.

Looking at a project in this manner enables us to find the most sustainable solutions within a given budget. Recycled building materials, on-site power generation (solar panels, ground source heat pumps, wind power), rainwater harvesting for toilet flushing or irrigation, green roofs that control storm water run-off and on-site waste management are typical of an integrated sustainable design.


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