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Our people are intuitive and authentic creators.

Through living our Values of being Creative, Honest and Diverse, delivered through our variety of Services, we create designs that improve the quality of life for our clients one project at a time.

Our People

Our Values

We listen deeply to understand each client, then bring diverse ideas through creatively collaborating both with the client and across our team. We are always honest with clients and each other, telling it like it is, so accelerating the iterative design process.


(adj) [kree-ey-tiv]

We are innovative and spontaneous creators of intelligent designs

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(adj) [dih-vurs]

We each fully bring our individuality and diverse experiences to the process of providing unique solutions for our clients


(adj) [on-uh-stee]

Honesty is woven throughout all our processes & how we act and communicate

Our Philosophy

We believe

“Exceptional Design Elevates the Human Spirit”

We believe in designing buildings that are truly exceptional and, yes, elevate the spirit and improve the quality of life for our clients.

We share our knowledge and live our values of being creative, honest and diverse. We listen, we ask, we sketch, we lead, we know the art of building.

We bring simplicity and clarity to an often confusing and complex process, resulting in design and creation of buildings that are respectful, vibrant, responsive, practical, beautiful.

We create Exceptional Designs to elevate your spirit, bring you joy, improve your quality of life.

Design Cayman Limited

Find Us

Breezy Castle U-16
Owen Roberts Drive
PO Box 10315
Grand Cayman KYI-1003
Cayman Islands


T: 345.949.2800

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