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We at Design Cayman Limited have designed approximately 520 projects collectively and can say without a doubt that every project, no matter how big or small, starts with sketches. Wassily Kandinsky hit the nail on the head when he said; “Everything starts with a dot.”

We believe conceptual ideas cannot be expressed without the presence of a pen. Sketches translate our clients’ ideas and thoughts and sculpt them into reality. These Spaces create opportunities for memories to form Meaning.

Creating Meaning is the mother of all Arts.

It is of utmost importance at Design Cayman to create meaningful spaces, which echoes in our mantra; “Exceptional Design Elevates the Human Spirit.” We would like to share our Architectural stages we follow to create value for each project.

Pre-design Stage – Conceptual and Fact-finding:

During the pre-design stage, we meet you to identify your general wishes for the project. This information will be used to provide a general project brief.

We would visit the site with you, review the existing conditions, and may take as-built measurements of what is there (for an existing home). A set of as-built plans are created and a copy is given to you for your records.

We then assess the feasibility of the project and provide you information and options to agree on a path forward.

Design Phase

During the Design Phase, we examine the design brief in coordination with requirements concerning codes and regulations, building technology, time-schedule, and construction cost and proceeds to prepare the design(s) for the project.

Typically the design phase is further divided into;

  1. Schematic Design and
  2. Design Development phases followed by
  3. Construction Documents which are more technical documents suitable for planning approvals and construction.

Local Project

Construction Procurement:

Based on the Construction Documents prepared at the end of the design phase, we prepare the bidding (or tender) documents for obtaining construction cost estimates from prospective contractors.


In order to assure that the quality, accuracy and progress of the construction work conform to the contract documents, we can provide administration of the construction contract.

Handover and Close Out:

Once the certificate of occupancy has been obtained, you may then move into your new home.

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