Design Matters 03 – What comes next?

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  • Design Matters 03 – What comes next?

We all recognize that there will not be a simple “new normal,” and that it is impossible to guess or predict what the actual impact will be as we surface from this crisis.

At Design Cayman Architects we have been exploring how we can support our clients to make informed, agile decisions as they begin to contemplate their life and work after COVID-19.

We are a team of dreamers and have always taken pride in being able to deliver exactly what you, our client, want through a deep understanding of your needs and aspirations. We are focussed on exploring potential design solutions, to prepare for what comes next.

The shift in design strategies toward the built environment is the start of a new epoch. Our hope is that we can use what we learn together during this pandemic to build a sustainable future-proofed Cayman. We are currently reviewing existing projects and deciding how to advise clients. Questions we are asking are: “Should there be a redesign?”, “How will social distancing affect the design?” For this, we are collaborating with companies around the world via social media, looking at anticipated trends and changes we should consider and share with our clients.

We are looking ahead to what comes next for our current and future clients and for Cayman. We would love to talk to you about your future strategies and advise you on adapting your current workspace and home environment to the new era.

Remobilizing Cayman

As the Cayman Islands Government begin communicating plans to slowly lift curfews and gradually allow companies to return to a ‘new normal’ in the coming months, an important consideration is prioritizing the continued health and well-being of the community.

One challenge will surround how the public will navigate streets, shops and restaurants and accommodate the anxiety of catching the disease whilst carrying on with daily life.

Another challenge will, of course, be the workplace, which we will cover in our next Newsletter – Design Matters 04 coming next week.

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