Design Matters 02 – Remote yet Connected, Seeing Opportunities

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To our valued Clients, Consultants and Business Partners.

Along with all of you, we have been watching the daily live Cayman Islands Government (CIG) official updates. We commend CIG for doing a great job responding to constantly evolving changes, challenges and opportunities. We recognise that many areas of the economy have slowed or even stopped and empathise deeply with the business and human impact.

At Design Cayman we honor the trust you have and continue to place in us. In our own way, we also lead through and respond to the evolving environment now and into the future, ensuring progression of your projects with our skills and understanding.

As mentioned in our Design Matters 01 newsletter, we were already regularly working remotely with numerous clients and consultants as part of our current systems and workflows. We have now seamlessly transitioned all local clients, consultants and vendors and our staff have embraced the transition and are excelling working remotely.

We are all “socially distanced” now, yet we have embraced remote working and find ourselves ever more connected to our clients, consultants and partners. As part of this, and in the service of our clients, we are now checking in and providing project status reports twice a week.

“Remote” can create opportunities for all of us to connect differently and to connect to opportunities. At Design Cayman we are seeing new interest in multiple areas. For example, with those who now have time to think and plan ahead, our interior design area is seeing clients reaching out for guidelines, advice and guidance on home renovations or makeovers.

We are all now “Remote”, yet also connected. Whether for business or personal, we encourage you all to consider what opportunities this creates for you, your family, your business.

We would love to hear from you anytime, do connect with anyone on the Design Cayman team. We will be in touch with our next newsletter, for which we are already seeing new ideas to share!

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